A small tutorial based on my own journey with packaging gitcrawl.

Gitcrawl is a tool which I wrote recently and spend some time on figuring out the right parameters. Thus I decided to write this small walk-through with explanations for my future me, my colleagues and anyone who might find it useful :)

If you just want to know how its done, just jump straight to Building the package

What does a package contain?

  • a collection of modules
  • the documentation
  • any top-level scripts
  • any additional data files required
  • build and install instructions
../gitcrawl ├── LICENSE ├──…


Hello there, after I caught your attention, lets first switch the popular ‘artificial intelligence’ (AI) to ‘machine learning’ (ML) in this context, for the sake of clarity. Both are very hot buzzwords right now, and often used interchangeably, which can lead to some confusion and wrong expectations. Lets stick to following definition here:

Artificial Intelligence is broad area of computer science that makes machines seem like they have human intelligence.

Neda Sultova

A chimera of nerd and artist with a severe addiction to books and fixing problems. Github: @nsultova Instagram: @nea_insomnia Goodreads: @nea_insomnia

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